Saica Packaging in Hartlepool tackles roof leaks

Saica Packaging in Hartlepool has asked for our professional opinion on the problems they are having with roof leaks affecting their electrical control panels and production lines inside the factory. We have completed a number of successful repairs to their flat roofs using our preferred 'Liquid Rubber' scrim tapes and hand applied rubber system. The section they are now having problems with is a 6,500sq.m flat roof, comprising green mineral felt and stone chippings, laid in the mid 70's....

London property benefits from Liquid Rubber Membrane system.

A failing flat roof in Acton, North London, has just been cleaned down and applied with our unique Liquid Rubber Membrane system - a fantastic American product that we use extensively on commercial and domestic buildings. We supplied a 10yr guarantee, and with the job coming in at roughly a quarter of a local London firms estimate, the client was extremely happy indeed. From this work, the client has asked us to provide designs and costings for a high quality roof terrace to lay on top of...

Dismantle Derelict Barn In Heighington

We have recently submitted a proposal to dismantle half a section of a derelict barn in Heighington for one of our valued clients, Carver Land Agents and Surveyors, based in Darlington.

This project is for one of the business partners at his home property and will comprise a re-build with new foundations, supply and fix new roof timbers and a clay pan-tiled roof.

Danesmoor House Wall Work

We are just in the process of completing the re-build of the rear boundary wall at Danesmoor House in Darlington.

This Victorian Villa, which dates back to 1886, has stood the test of time but the wall which was built on the 70's clearly wasn't a match and slowly detached itself.

We have replaced the wall with a new build made up of big blocks and a brick fascia.

New Website

We are pleased to reveal our new website created by those wacky chaps at Purple Creative.... Many thanks for a great job.